In the Fall of 2019, we will hold our next Vancouver Information Day. This day is an introduction to the Pacific Jubilee Programs: our 2 year spiritual direction training, silent retreats, continuing education, and opportunities for spiritual accompaniment. Watch here for more information.


The Pacific Jubilee Program seeks to foster freedom in all individuals. It honours all sacred traditions and seeks to assist participants in realizing their own call to participate in earth’s evolving future. We see the work of Jubilee as being a part of the spiritual renewal of the world.

In service of this great work, Pacific Jubilee offers programs, workshops and retreats in five streams:

1. SoulWork workshops centre on spiritual discernment, nurture, and deepening. Open to all spiritual seekers, workshops include themes such as: enneagram of body, soul, and spirit, engagement with the mystics, and introduction to contemplative life and spiritual practices. Read more

2. SoulGuiding is the very heart of all the Jubilee programs. It’s a two year program focused on the formation of those drawn to spiritual direction/accompaniment /guidance in a variety of forms. Read more.

3. SoulCare retreats are two to twelve days in length. They are contemplative and spacious — most of them in silence with daily individual spiritual direction and community practices. Read more.

4. SoulDeepening events offer opportunities for program alum to gather in Jubilee-fashion for continuing education, mutual support, nurture and encouragement, skill-deepening and contemplative retreat. Read more.

5. SoulMentoring offers program alum ongoing formation, deepening and contemplative leadership training in a variety of forms. Read more.

For all retreats, programs, and events download our 2018 Five Streams Brochure here.

Cynthia Bourgeault, modern day mystic, Episcopal priest, writer, and internationally known retreat leader says, “Of all the spiritual direction programs I’m familiar with, Pacific Jubilee is by far my favourite. It has heart! A close-knit, caring faculty and a meticulous insistence upon the spiritual art of presence yield rich results: not just competent spiritual directors, but conscious human beings.”