A Blessing for Creating Space

"The Heart Does Not Decay" icon by Father Marko Ivan Rupnik

“The Heart Does Not Decay” icon by Father Marko Ivan Rupnik

A Blessing for Creating Space

by Barb Dean

This blessing will surprise you
It speaks in the pauses between your words
This blessing asks only for your attention
Asking you to be patient
To listen deeply to the preciousness of soul
The soul of another
Your own soul.
And this blessing will ask still more of you
That you lead with your heart
Respond to inner nudges
Trust the wise inner mystic
Who sees beyond the concrete container of the physical.
This blessing also asks you to prepare
Be half a shade braver
And then expect a visit from the Holy
Mystery is its name
You will not know what
Or when, or how.
This blessing promises you
Spirit is at work
Within you, within the other
Around you.
This blessing will illuminate the path
And asks only that you take one step.

Barb Dean photoWe’re grateful to Barb Dean for sharing her beautiful blessing with our Jubilee community. Barb is a current participant in the Pacific Jubilee SoulGuiding Program – where she’s training to be a spiritual director and one who’s deepening in wisdom about “creating space.” Barb is also a teen and children’s literature advocate. If you have comments or questions about this blog, please be in touch with Barb or Julie Elliot, Communications for Pacific Jubilee.

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