Engaging the Enneagram – Dawn Kilarski and Barry Vall in Victoria

EnneagramEngaging the Enneagram: through the gateway of typology, exploring our place within the cosmic whole and its place within us

with Dawn Kilarski and Barry Vall 

Dawn and BarryGreeting from Dawn and Barry: New friends and old, greetings to you all from within the heart of this 2018 “Wild Canadian Year” with all its beauty and terror.

The Enneagram has been a wonderful guide and companion through the inner and outer landscapes of our own personal lives, and our work and even our play. We are delighted to share and explore this powerful symbol together with you.

We are hoping that however you come, new to the symbol or delving deeper into it, you will feel the soulfulness of the many and various connections that exist within, between and among us. Somehow in the crossing of our paths we trust that something is at work that has all of our deepest wellbeings at heart and is for the benefit of the all in all.

The Enneagram is an ancient and ever evolving psycho-spiritual symbol and system for the conscious cultivation of awareness, being, growth and transformation. It originated in the Middle East and was brought to the West by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. It draws from a source body of wisdom that existed before the establishment of the major religious traditions and that was preserved and developed in part by various streams including Sufi monastic communities. While based on perennial truths thousands of years old, the Enneagram integrates with the best of Western philosophical and psychological insight. It provides a sophisticated map of the movements and patterns within our minds, hearts and bodies, and discerns the paths of growth in our lives as interconnected individuals.

There are many Enneagrams. The most commonly presented is the Enneagram of personality types. In this workshop we enter the symbol through the doorway of typology and from that vantage point catch glimpses of the many-layered nature of the symbol and what it reveals only as we continue to place our attention upon it.

This workshop offers:

  • basic information of the Enneagram
  • help in finding your primary pattern or type as well as the constellation of patterning in each of your three centres of intelligence: head, heart and gut
  • unveiling of the nine particular paths that lead to wholeness and the development of resources for living consciously in our world and within the worlds within us
  • tools and strategies for integration

We are the whole symbol. In other words, all of the energies and patterns are within each of us and are part of our common human experience. But we are creatures of habit. Over time we come to identify with particular coping strategies and patterns and tend to react to the world in predictable and automatic ways. Knowing these patterns is the first step toward liberating our energy and opening to greater wholeness.

It is true that we can never be reduced to a single number or personality type or even constellation of types; but it is important to recognize the patterning. It is in our exploration of how we embody an undercurrent of tendencies and in our becoming aware of our habits of attention and automatic behaviours that our interior freedom can grow and that we might glimpse the interconnectedness of all that is. We can then begin to embrace more of the whole of who and how we are and can become freer to be more and more our unique selves, the greatest gift and service we have to offer the world. We take our place in the wondrous unfolding of a dynamic living universe.

Date: Friday Feb 23, 6 – 9 pm and Saturday Feb 24, 9 – 4 pm and 6 -9 pm, 2018
Cost: $125
Location: Friends Meeting House (1831 Fern St.) Victoria, British Columbia

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