Pacific Jubilee Associates

Every person who completes SoulGuiding is a Jubilee Associate.  With a 30 year history of formation, The Pacific Jubilee Program has associates in many locations. With a natural swell in the Pacific Northwest, the program also has associates across the country, in several US locations and in other parts of the world. For a listing of jubilee associates currently offering spiritual direction please click here.

All of our associates are encouraged to join Spiritual Directors International and to benefit from its publications and program offerings.  SDI is a global learning community of people from many faiths and nations who share a common concern and passion for and commitment to the contemplative art of spiritual direction. Throughout history, some individuals have been called to accompany others as they seek the Mystery we name as God and as they tell their sacred stories. In our own time, SDI responds to this call by tending the holy around the world and across traditions. For further information, visit the SDI website .  The Jubilee Programs encourage active spiritual directors to join SDI and to benefit from its publications and program offerings.