heart paintingSoulGuiding is a two year experiential learning program in spiritual formation and discernment, the deepening and development of soul, and the art of spiritual direction/accompaniment/guidance.

Grounded in the Christian contemplative and wisdom traditions, SoulGuiding follows a mentorship model with home-based practices, residencies, a breadth of embodied spiritual practices, a variety of forms of creative expression, the spiritual root map of the enneagram of body-soul-spirit, prayer as presence, wisdom teachings, practicing forms of service, meditation, learning and practicum requirements – all with the aim of cultivating:

~ faithfulness to one’s inner soul life
~ alignment of heart, intellect and body
~ understanding of oneself and others
~ openness to the world of spirit that we may attend currents of aliveness and the force of Love in the world.

The 2 year SoulGuiding journey has 3 distinct phases

The first phase is devoted to experiential spiritual formation and spiritual practice including the Journey Group process.  Within a caring community, participants begin the deep inner work of learning, discerning and formation in attending to the Spirit.

The second phase begins the shift from peer group spiritual accompaniment into developing skills and practices for the particular art of accompanying another.  At the second residency we begin to work in program practice groups and this continues through phase two.  In the middle of the second phase, the community gathers for a silent retreat (4 days, 5 nights) with spiritual direction provided by program teachers.

The third phase is for those who have discerned the call to continue in ongoing formation plus deepening in the practise of spiritual direction/accompaniment/guidance and the way of the contemplative life.  There are two more residencies in this third phase.

All of the residencies and home study emphasize spiritual deepening and practices, skill development, the practice of holy listening, ongoing meetings with your own spiritual director, staff supervision and the accompaniment of a member of the Jubilee community.

Residential events will be held at the Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island, BC.

We are now accepting applications for SoulGuiding 2018/20:

First Residency: Apr 30—May 7, 2018
Second Residency: Feb 3—Feb 8, 2019
Third Residency (Silent Retreat): Apr 28-May 3, 2019
Fourth Residency: Oct 20—Oct 27, 2019
Fifth (final) Residency: May 3-May 8, 2020

Dates for the SoulGuiding Program that is underway:
First Residency: March 13—20 , 2016
Second Residency: Oct 30—November 4, 2016
Third Residency (Silent Retreat): March 14-19, 2017
Fourth Residency: May 28—June 2, 2017
Fifth (final) Residency: March 11-18, 2018

For more information email Barb McFadyen-Smuin, Administration.

The Pacific Jubilee Program is:  contemplative, evocative, spacious, embodied, integrative, experiential and transformative