SoulWork events center on spiritual discernment, nurture, and deepening.  Open to all spiritual seekers, workshops include themes such as Enneagram of body soul and spirit, engagement with the mystics, and introduction to contemplative life and spiritual practices. 

We have 3 SoulWork events scheduled for 2017, in date order:

The Art of Holy Listening: Contemplation and Accompaniment

July 6 – 8, 2017
at the Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC

program mentors croppedThe desire of contemplatives – to discern and be attuned to the movement of Spirit – shapes their way of being in the world. Contemplatives come alongside as soul friends, intentionally holding space for others to be ever more attuned to the movement of Spirit in their own lives. Our purpose in these 16 hours focused upon deepening accompaniment, is to experience the kind of engagement of body, mind, and heart that is required in spiritual companioning. This will involve practices of movement, silence, mindful presentation, ritual, lectio divina, contemplation, and holy listening in the context of the journey group process.  Note: This course is available for audit or Certificate credit.  Read more on VST website

Leaders left to right:  Tim Scorer, Barry Vall, Lois Huey Heck, and Dawn Kilarski  bring decades of involvement in spiritual companioning, adult experiential learning, program development, and mentoring.

Spiritual Eldering
September 10 – 15, 2017
at Naramata Centre, Naramata, BC

with Tim and Donna Scorer, Lois Huey-Heck and Jim Kalnin

IMG_0784Let’s ensure that the decades following the years of paid work and homemaking are a time of creativity, engagement, mentoring, and compassionate accompaniment. After all, that could be a third of our lives! Let’s build a culture in which aging people learn what it means to grow into eldership, a time of life in which experience and wisdom become a resource and gift for community. As a group of people 55 and older, we will spend time together listening, remembering, exploring, practicing, and creating as we become the kind of community that will make this kind of difference in our kind of world.

Sunday – Friday; mornings, evenings and optional afternoon art sessions
$350 + $10 materials fee
For ages 55 and up

For more information and to register, click here.

maple leafPathways into Living a Contemplative Life

September 21-24, 2017

With Margie Savigny and Tim Scorer
at Rivendell Retreat Center, Bowen Island, BC

 The Invitation

~ Experience the benefits of time away, in the company of others who are also seeking to deepen their experience of the divine both within and without.
~ Find again the true self that has been hidden under stresses and expectations.
~ Pause & listen. There is a calm inside waiting.
~ Discover a path that is calling you at this time in your life.

The Retreat

Come away and gather in community for a time of renewal.
~ participating in the process of deep listening to self, other and the Holy
~ Hearing beyond the chatter of your own mind.
~ Healing in the grace and calm of spiritual companionship.
~ Letting go, recognizing that things that mattered before matter no longer.
~ Taking part in Spiritual practices.
~ Centering self in silence
~ Resting in the peace & quietness of this island retreat.

The Experiences

~ reconnecting with the wonder of nature
~ walking the labyrinth
~ centering prayer & meditation
~ intentionally recognizing our spiritual life in the ordinary
~ sharing meals and fellowship
~ gathering in the sanctuary for sacred music and prayer

Cost & Travel

The cost covers three night’s accommodation and meals. We invite you to contribute from your own means on a sliding scale from $350 to $450. We want to make this event accessible to all who would like to attend. To discuss payment that will work for you and to register email Tim or Margie or phone 604-877-1567.

You may travel by car or bus to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal & take the Bowen Island Ferry across to Rivendell.