Program Mentors


Lois - croppedLois Huey-Heck
Lake Country, British Columbia
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Lois is a spiritual director, author, artist, workshop leader and a graduate of the Pacific Jubilee Program. She also leads silent and other retreats.


Dawn KilarskiDawn Kilarski, STM
Bowen Island, British Columbia
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Dawn is a spiritual director and inner process facilitator and counsellor with extensive experience in university chaplaincy, counseling, Enneagram work and the Gurdjieff Sacred Movements; teacher of yoga, movement and meditation practice.   


Tim ScorerTim Scorer
Bowen Island, British Columbia
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Tim is an educator and facilitator, consultant to congregations, spiritual director, retreat leader and writer of adult study curricula.


Barry Vall smallBarry Vall
Bowen Island, British Columbia
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Barry is a marriage and family therapist, former university chaplain, Enneagram workshop leader, spiritual director, yoga practitioner and woodworker.